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A Clean Home - Kathy L.
ADInternetLesson Internet Safety - School & Home - dearden6
atonement - Submitted by Candace Chesley
Be Grateful 1 - jgray612
Be Prepared 1, 2, 6, 8 - Submitted by Becky
Child of God Gameboard I Am a Child of God Game Board
Child of God Game Cards - pdf This is the new file (taken from the above file).  dreyscott
Child of God B&W
Child of God Game Instructions
Christmas Symbols: Explanation, #1, #2 thimbleluvr - Flashcards for various symbols of Christmas.
Christmas Stories and Books
Christmas Story Collection Submitted by Tasha
Controlling_Anger Submitted by Amy in another group
FHE counsel qoutes, etc. - hardworkfhe
Easter Egg Easter Eggs symbols - chowebaby
Every Member A Missionary - Topic
Faith - Topic
Family Unity: March Submitted by Chantalle Swift
Family Unity - Topic
FHE CO-OP GUIDELINES AND SUPPLY LIST - jenniferlieberenz - 04/29/2004
FHE co-op guidelines and supply list to assist in running FHE groups. They are honed after years of experience!! Included are minutes to see some of our mistakes and how we lovingly asked everyone to fix the mistakes.)
    FHE Co-op rules: Guidelines
    FHE Supply List
A list of supplies every member should have in their FHE kits, so they can have everything they need for FHE at their fingertips. It also helps because then everyone creating lessons knows what everyone has access to.
minutes June 2 2001, minutes Sept 8 2001
    topics taken
A sample "Topic Taken" form to mimic. This is kept by the secretary, and everyone has to let her know what they are doing so there isn't a lot of          duplication.
FHE Enrichment Lessons: Files Christine submitted to the group. (from the web and the church web site.) 09/25/2003
     June, July, August, Accountability, Family, Honesty
FHE Enrichment Presentation & FHE Talk - Christine Layton
    FHE Enrichment Presentation
    FHE Talk
FHE - Honesty Submitted by Natasha Zandbergen
Submitted ahockema2001
FHE Guidelines - Submitted by Katie Bowers
FHE HFPE Lesson - HFPE lesson and FHE activity ideas posted by Natasha Zandbergen
fhereverence Submitted by shad_katie
Gratitude - Topic
Halloween Safety Lesson
Received from friend Submitted by ajajacbosen

Honesty Submitted by Natasha Zandbergen
Honesty - Topic
Honor The Priesthood - Topic
I Can Help Submitted by
dapirich 04/09/2004
Jesus visits America- jenniferlieberenz
LDS Scripture Marker Worksheet - leisajh
Manner Cards - Tasha. See message: 3159 and 3163
Missionary Scriptures Contest - rft - leisajh
Nauvoo Illinois Temple Submitted by Katie Bowers
Noah and the Ark FHE Submitted by James Page
Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Flannel Board Story: Posted by Kim Pehrson (The words to this song/story are found in post number 1436 in fhe4children.) 1, 2
Our First Parents Submitted by Robbin Cook
Pioneer DAY 2001 A file from a member that received it from someone else.
Prayer - Topic
Preparedness 22 lessons on being prepared

Tips for Preparing Your Missionary - hardworkfhe
Repentance - Topic
Reverence for God's Creations
A Sparrow in the Tabernacle
Creation Story
Creation Lesson
Sabbath Day - Topic
Sparkle and Goop Game - Word of Wisdom posted by Kim Pehrson
Sparkle and Goop Questions
Personal Safety - dallasrobyn

Sharefish game by robyn - jenniferlieberenz
Testaments Submitted by aallen5100
A collection of scriptures pertaining to Christ. These can be attached to mints as a handout or given with a visiting teaching message.
Testimony - Topic
The_Holy_Ghost Submitted by Natasha Zandbergen

Veteran's Day Submitted by shimaijonzu
, 2
word.of.wisdom Word of Wisdom Quote on Apples - Submitted by dreyscott
Word of Wisdom - Posted by Kim Pehrson (See post #1436 in fhe4children.)
WoW pictures 1
WoW pictures 2
WoW pictures 3
WoW pictures 4
    WoW pictures 5

fhe4children Files

Articles of Faith by
Article of Faith Helps Article of Faith memorization booklet with pictures
ards for game: Simplified Articles of Faith, Page 2, Page 3
The Articles of Faith
FHE on the Articles of Faith

Jelly Bean Poem
Tithing Tithing Lesson and treat - ivybonhorst

Article of Faith Lesson by

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